Private Firearm Lessons


A private firearm lesson is recommended for those interested in advancing their shooting skill. This training provides a 100% money back guarantee if we do not make you either a more accurate shooter or faster shooter!

Those who have taken a private lesson from us have taken it for the following reasons:

  • To protect themselves or loved ones either at home or in the general public.
  • To begin or advance as a competitive sport shooter.
  • To maintain proficiency while employed with a firearm (ex. body guard)

Cost: $80.00 ( per hour, per person) – Group & Couples Rates are discounted. Call us for details.


Private Firearm

Private Lessons include:

  • One hour of individual time
  • 100 rounds of 22LR ammunition
  • Eye & ear Protection
  • Targets
  • 22LR Firearms (either pistol or revolver)
  • Hands-on (scenario based) training
  • And much more…


Please bring a valid photo ID and your firearm if using your own handgun. If you are bringing your own handgun, also bring a minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition. Private lessons are scheduled indvidually, depending on the dates/times available for the client. If you have any questions, contact us or CLICK HERE to visit our FAQ page.

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