First Aid, CPR & AED Course

  • Are you a babysitter, corporate company, or general lay-person looking for certification in CPR/AED and / or First Aid?
  • Does your employer require that you have your CPR/AED or First Aid Certification?
  • A CT Daycare staff or other child development center required to maintain the Pediatric First Aid Certification?
  • Construction worker or other industry requiring OSHA certification?
  • Seeking career advancement or a promotion in salary?

CPR First Aid Training Concept

First Aid, CPR & AED Course

With the availability of First Aid CPR/AED training in every area, the ability to learn this important lifesaving technique is open to everyone.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency procedure that combines chest compression’s often with artificial ventilation in an effort to manually preserve intact brain function until further measures are taken to restore blood circulation and breathing in a person who is in cardiac arrest.

First Aid CPR/AED training is absolutely mandatory for those who work in specific jobs but that doesn’t mean that everyone, regardless of their career, shouldn’t have a basic understanding of CPR.

This training will teach you exactly what to do when there is a cardiac arrest. It makes you capable of taking charge and being a dependable citizen. You never know when a sudden crisis may threaten the life of your loved ones. Timely and competent measures are needed to overcome such life-or-death crisis situation – especially in case of children.

Goldeneye Training Academy’s CPR/AED and First Aid training course will give you confidence and preparedness that will be priceless in the event of an emergency.


  • Our instructors are certified with the American Heart Association.
  • Our team of instructors have a combined 15 years’ medical experience that translates into practical application.
  • Knowing how to perform this relatively simple technique can arm you with power and prepare you for anything like can save the life of a stranger – or someone you love
  • Get Certified and advance in your career

Please note that this course is not designed for the healthcare provider and is a basic First Aid, CPR and AED course. For Healthcare Provider CPR Course, CLICK HERE.

With the certification valid for 2 years, this course is intended for: A student, babysitter, security officer, or any member of the general public.

CPR/AED Course (4 Hours) Cost: $89.00

First Aid Course Cost: $89.00 (2 Hours)

CPR/AED, First Aid Course: $125.00 (6 Hours)

Pediatric First Aid, CPR/AED Course Certification Cost: $125.00 (CT Supplement Complaint)

Bloodborne Pathogens Cost: $49.00 (OSHA compliant)

Skills Test Only: $69.00


Topics covered include:

  • All classroom and practical material
  • Use of CPR manikins & masks
  • Use of a training with an AED
  • Use of training with an Epi-Pen
  • Will provide the CT Supplemental Information, Training and Certification (Pediatric Course Only)
  • Knowledge on how to treat: environmental emergencies, allergic reactions, assessing the patient
  • and much more!

CPR Training

First Aid


Please bring a valid photo ID. If you have any questions, contact us or CLICK HERE to visit our FAQ page.

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