Step 1: Call or go to your local police department / resident state troopers’ office and visit the records department. Ask for your local pistol permit application. The application will come with instructions to either call and make an appointment or visit between set hours in order to have your state and federal fingerprints taken, as well as drop off your completed application.

Step 2: Once you have picked up your application and instructions, complete the application to the best of your knowledge. Any sections you are unsure of should be left blank and discussed during your Basic Safety Pistol Course.

Step 3: Schedule to take your Basic Safety Pistol Course. Call us to schedule your class. This course is the pistol permit CT approved course needed to take and pass in order to obtain your Certificate of Completion. This certificate must be submitted along with your completed and notarized application. The cost of our class is $99.00.

Step 4: Once you complete the application and course, contact or visit the department from where you obtained your application to have your fingerprints taken and the application submitted. Prior to the time you submit your fingerprints, you must go online and register to have your background check completed. The cost of this is $90.90.  Please note: Some departments vary, from town to town, in terms of additional items needed such as passport photos, additional forms to complete, etc. Bring those documents to class for review and completion. Also, note that each department may charge a fee to roll your fingerprints. The fee varies from town to town.

Step 5: Once you hand over your application, certificate, money orders, and additional material (if applicable), the local department has eight weeks to issue you a temporary local pistol permit, valid for only sixty days, or denial.

Step 6: This is the final step. If a denial is issued, you have the option to contact the CT Board of Firearms Permit Examiners and file an appeal. If approval is issued, you receive your temporary pistol permit. Within 60 days, you must go to the State Police with a copy of your proof of citizenship (birth certificate, US Passport, etc) and money order for processing ($70.00), and you will immediately be photographed and issued your CT Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers, which is valid for 5 years and is necessary to purchase any firearm in Connecticut.


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